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By Camilla Chandra | December 2020

jobs in yokohama japan

When people think of finding a job in Japan, they tend to exclusively imagine a major firm somewhere in Tokyo. However, you might find that it’s neighboring city, Yokohama, is just as impressive. The port city continues to draw attention for its rapid international businesses and new technological advancement. You would be surprised by how many jobs in Yokohama are available, from entry-level, mid-career, to senior-level positions. With a high density of major national and foreign companies, it has since become the recent focal point for ambitious and eager job hunters. 

Securing a career in Japan is all about broadening your options in the first place, so we have taken the initiative to make an updated guide to full-time jobs in Yokohama that will definitely help you start your career on the right path.

This article is a subsection of our jobs in Japan for foreigners article. Please visit our page if you want a more thorough guide on finding jobs in Japan.

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    major company headquarters in yokohama

    Why Jobs in Yokohama?

    Known as Japan's leading port city, Yokohama has become the epicenter for international business. While it primarily thrives from the export and import center due to its strategic location, you will find that major companies from various industries choose to establish their headquarters there. Since then, the city has developed the IT, science, and manufacturing sector. The fact that Yokohama is situated half an hour away from the south of Tokyo means the tourism sector also flourishes. 

    Lifestyle-wise, Yokohama has all the favorable access that Tokyo offers the cost of living that is comparatively lower than the cost in Tokyo. Average apartments in the city tend to be ¥20,000 yen cheaper than apartments in Tokyo, and ¥100,000 less for high-end homes. Many have also noted that Yokohama offers better peace of mind than Tokyo, with its abundant sightseeing spots, natural sanctuaries, and endless mountain and ocean views. The bayside city is rich with beautiful natural landscapes. There are many awesome things to do in Tokyo, but Yokohama is an excellent option for individuals who want to step away from the intense limelight and buzz of city. 

    English teaching jobs in Yokohama for foreigners

    English Teacher/Instructor Jobs in Yokohama

    Granted, kindergarten and school are anything but the sleek, modern office typical of the corporate environment, but that doesn't make teaching jobs in Yokohama any less challenging—or rewarding—than the rest. As the second-largest city next to Tokyo, Yokohama is high in population density, and that means there is a great demand for expatriates and graduates to work in English-teaching positions. A number of well-established and newly built kindergartens and schools are looking for full-time English teachers.

    The great thing about English jobs in Yokohama, like anywhere else in Japan, is that it can be considered an entry-level position. Oftentimes, schools or institutions are open for foreigners with no prior experience. However, you will need to have Native-level English proficiency, a relevant university degree, andperhaps, above alla bright personality.

    Keep in mind that the higher education and the more established the school is, the more they will require prior experience and qualifications. For example, while it is acceptable to have an undergraduate degree to teach children primarily between the ages of 3 to 14, institutes will want a Master’s degree or TEFL certifications for English instructors in private international high schools and universities. 

    Typical Base Salary: ¥2,500,000- ¥3,500,000

    Kindergarten Hiring in Yokohama

    Secondary High Schools and Universities Hiring in Yokohama

    It's also worth mentioning that some schools favor applicants with conversational-level Japanese proficiency, so improving your Japanese can be the key to standing out among other candidates. 

    Looking for part-time English positions?

    If you love to interact with children and want to pursue a career in education, we have provided the ultimate guideline to English teaching jobs in Japan! However, if you are unable to commit full-time, One Coin English is currently looking for enthusiastic individuals to apply for their part-time position in Yokohama

    IT jobs foreigner in Yokohama

    Engineering and IT Jobs in Yokohama

    Many leading IT firms and global tech companies have established their main office and R&D branch in Yokohama. Subsequently, in recent years, Yokohama has also welcomed a number of startups and international companies, making the city a concentrated area of software and tech companies.  However, the IT and engineering industry in Japan has been facing a certain conundrum. On one hand, business is thriving. On the other hand, there is not enough professional workforce available on the job market. If you ever went to any job boards or websites, you will be quick to assess that many positions in IT and engineering are open. And because most (if not all) companies need developers, programmers, and engineers, it’s safe to say that you will find many IT jobs in Yokohama vacant. 

    While many companies in Yokohama are on a hiring surge for human resources in IT, that doesn’t mean anyone is eligible to apply. Undeniably, there is a high variety of IT jobs in Yokohama, from back-end developers, data scientists, to IT consultants. That means that the ranges of skills and expertise are considerable. You will undoubtedly need a degree in computer science and you have to confirm that you are apt in handling certain software or familiar with specific programming languages. 

    Typical Annual Base Salary: ¥3,000,000- ¥5,000,000 (but varies between companies)

    IT Companies/ Companies Hiring for IT Jobs in Yokohama

    Kindly check our guide on IT jobs for a complete list of salary estimation and companies open for hire in Japan. 


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    business meeting with recruiter in yokohama

    HRM and Recruiter Jobs in Yokohama

    HRM Jobs in Yokohama

    There are also companies in Yokohama looking for human resources professionals. The very core duty of the HR department is to manage the company’s employees, so the position often demands the right balance between emotional intelligence, good communication skills, and general knowledge of the business. Consequently, because working in HR entails various complex tasks, even entry-level jobs in human resources in Yokohama require a minimum of one to three years of professional experience. This is why it is crucial to find prior experience through an internship while networking along the way. 

    Jobs in Yokohama related to HR are often mid-career positions, so it is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is looking to boost their career after gaining a few years of experience at their previous firm. HR jobs in Yokohama include talent management jobs, administrator, human resource specialists, business partner, and HR managers. High competency in Japanese and English is usually preferred, particularly if it is a global firm that deals with diverse employees.

    Recruiters in Yokohama

    While recruiting is part of human resources, you may find that the recruitment industry in Japan is more inclusive to both experienced and non-experienced applicants. There are two main options for becoming a recruiter: working internally for a company or working under a recruitment agency. Oftentimes, people fall under the latter category. Many companies, particularly small to medium enterprises, cannot allocate the time and resources dedicated to the human resources team, and that’s where recruiters help bridge the gap between job hunters and hiring companies. Unlike HR staff that works for the main company, a recruiter from outside agencies receives free from the hiring employers.

    Regardless, working as a recruiter in Yokohama follows a similar pattern to working in HR. Individuals should have a wide range of practical skills like computer literacy and Japanese proficiency in personal skills such as communication and analytical skill. However, there are some perks when it comes to working as a recruiter. For one, agencies or companies can offer you financial bonuses if you’ve reached a certain target. There is also a clear career path in both the HR and recruitment industry. 

    Typical Annual Base Salary: ¥3,000,000- ¥4,500,000

    Recruitment Companies or HR jobs in Yokohama:

    *Job boards with undisclosed companies

    marketing jobs for foreigners in yokohama

    Marketing Jobs in Yokohama

    Marketing encompasses a broad range of positions with distinguishable skill sets, but that simply means there are more options available for passionate individuals who want to pursue a marketing career in Japan. Generally, marketing jobs call for skills in data analytics, creative media and editorial, and strategy planning. 

    In recent years, companies are also looking for digital marketing experts and creative individuals, so showcasing your hard skills in graphic design and video editing, as well as your portfolio, can boost your application. Another branch of marketing is Customer Relationship Management, where your task includes analyzing data on your consumer base and creating marketing strategies appropriate to that. Ultimately, marketing isn't an individual job. You will be working in a team, meeting clients, and doing a lot of consultations, so strong communication and negotiation skills are preferable. 

    Many companies are planning to expand their business to the global market, and they are also aware of the number of foreign consumers in Japan. This creates a great demand for marketing professionals in Japan, so it is no surprise that marketing jobs have one of the most competitive salaries. 

    Typical Annual Base Salary: ¥3,000,000- ¥4,500,000

    Companies Hiring Marketing Jobs in Yokohama

    *Job boards with undisclosed companies

    Finance accounting jobs in yokohama

    Finance and Accounting Jobs in Yokohama

    A career in finance and accounting could be an exciting and rewarding job for individuals looking to work in a fast-paced, professional environment. As an accountant or finance specialist, you will serve a key role in reporting, analyzing, and managing the company’s business activities. Jobs in finance and accounting include accountant, finance analyst, auditor, and finance manager. 

    Yokohama is a great place to search for a prestigious job in finance and accounting as many large, multinational firms’ headquarters are established there. The roles available range from entry-level positions to senior-level positions, and you may discover that they offer very competitive salaries for the jobs. If you are planning to start from entry-level positions, be sure that you have the relevant university degree in economics, accounting, or finance. You might also need to be familiar with software products such as SAP to help manage the financials. In addition, having certifications such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant) can really help you stand out. 

    Typical Base Salary: ¥3,000,000- ¥4,500,000

    Companies Hiring Finance and Accounting Jobs in Yokohama:

    sales and business development jobs in yokohama

    Sales and Business Development Jobs in Yokohama

    As more and more foreigners settle in Japan, it is apparent that companies must expand their sales workforce to appeal to international customers. While sales and business development are two distinctive job functions, they often go hand-in-hand. Simply put, the fundamental task in sales is to sell to the end customers, while business development jobs entail pitching new networks and scaling the company’s business in the long-term. 

    There is a long list of sales and business development jobs in Japan with full-term or permanent contracts, including Yokohama. Many companies are looking for professionals who can extend their client base to Asia or the international market, and many of them offer great working perks. Typical requirements include strong networking skills, high English proficiency, and proven successful experience in business sales. The jobs range from sales representatives, sales acquisitions, consultants, to directors and managers. 

    Typical Annual Base Salary: ¥2,000,000- ¥3,000,000

    Companies Hiring Sales and Business Development Jobs in Yokohama:

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    hotel jobs for foreigners in yokohama

    Tourism and Hospitality Jobs in Yokohama

    Located just half an hour away from Tokyo by train, Yokohama is on the bucket list for most tourists who come to Japan. Having one of the largest Chinatowns and a number of bayside attractions, it is no surprise that the port city welcomes roughly 30 million tourists every year. With so many must-visit spots, the travel and hotel industry has been thriving and looking for bilingual workers who can support customers without any language barrier. 

    Hotel Jobs in Yokohama

    From boutiques, ryokan, to high-end hotels, it is always possible to look for positions with visa support in the hospitality industry. Undoubtedly, hotel jobs are perfect for anyone who likes to constantly meet new people and stay active. Depending on the type of position, like front desk support, ideal candidates need to have at least an N2 Japanese certification to qualify for full-time employment. Most importantly, individuals must familiarize themselves with omotenashi, a concept unique to Japan that ensures genuine service to customers. 

    There are also various types of hotel jobs, such as management and back-office clerk. 

    Typical Annual Base Salary: ¥2,500,000- ¥3,000,000

    Hotels Hiring in Yokohama

    Tourism Jobs in Yokohama

    From the Ramen and Cupnoodle Museums, traditional landmarks, the Sankeien Garden, to the family-friendly Zoorasia and aquatic parks, Yokohama offers a bountiful selection of tourist attractions—and this is where your role comes into play. 

    Consequently, it is entirely possible to work for a travel agency in Japan. In fact, travel agencies are more likely to be more inclusive in the future to cater to more foreign tourists.  

    Working as a travel agent means having a broad skill set in marketing, customer service, and management. The job offers a stable career for foreigners looking to settle in Japan. Many major travel agencies are open to hiring new recruits, with their office scattered throughout Japan. You will find that most of the available positions on the list below aren’t just exclusive to one city. 

    Typical Base Salary: ¥3,000,000

    Travel Agencies Hiring in Yokohama

    international companies in yokohama

    Foreign-friendly and Major Companies in Yokohama

    The fact that Yokohama is strategically located next to Tokyo means it has attracted many international and multinational companies. In recent years, leading tech companies like Apple, Lenovo, Huawei, and Samsung have moved their R&D base to Yokohama. Ranging from small local firms to mega-companies, you will find that many of them are more than happy to welcome high-skilled professionals from various nationalities. 

    Nissan is a global automobile manufacturer in Japan headquartered in Yokohama, proven to be one of the largest automakers in the industry alongside Toyota and Hyundai. The company offers full-line vehicle products such as cars under the Nissan and Datsun brand.

    You can consider Fuji Xerox as a foreign-friendly company as it is created through a joint-venture partnership between the household brand FujiFilm and American company Xerox. Ever since then, the company has become the longest-running joint venture between a Japanese and American company and established multiple headquarters throughout Japan, including Yokohama. 

    Zuken is another multinational corporation that is a pioneer in the electronics industry known for its expertise in optimizing the engineering design process. The company provides consulting services and software products. 

    Macnica is a leading IT service management company in Japan that provides a wide range of software products, semiconductors, and electronic components. The company itself has developed global supply chains throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. 

    Seiko Ideas is among the newer firms based in Yokohama. The company began offering its services that include market research, human resources development, and marketing support for businesses in Vietnam, but has finally established a representative office after winning a partnership with many Japanese major companies.

    Education for Recruiter jobs in Japan

    Job Boards

    There are many accessible job boards tailored for foreigners in Japan. Oftentimes, job websites will primarily focus on a specific industry or job type, but the popular ones include GaijinPot, Daijob,  Jobs in Japan. Recruitment agencies such as Robert Walters and Michael Page also have job boards that you can explore, focusing on mid to senior-level careers. Please visit our guides to get a more extensive list of job boards available for English speakers. 


    A recruiter is someone who could connect you with a job that matches your skills and experience, and it’s an excellent option for both recently graduated students and mid-career professionals. Conveniently, the recruitment industry in Japan is filled with bilingual companies that cater to English speakers. Robert Walters, Hays, and Michael Page are among the top recruitment consulting firms in Japan that focus on mid to senior-level positions. 

    Finding the right agency or recruiter can be tricky, but it’s not necessarily a huge leap of faith. Once you reach out to a recruiter, you can likely maintain long-term contact, so it is important to develop a good relationship with your recruiter

    Luckily, Tyson, the co-founder of One Coin English and Japan Switch, has shared his story on meeting a recruiter from Robert Walters and provided some insightful tips for your meeting with a consultant. 

    Job Fairs

    You can go with the conventional route and attend job fairs in Japan, but it can be stressful if you are entirely clueless about the unique job hunting system in Japan. The great news is that, due to the decreasing workforce, many companies are beginning to consider hiring foreign workers. In turn, more job fairs have been tailored for foreigners in recent years. It's always a great idea to hear from those who have experience in job fairs, especially if you have never been to one. 


    With a strategic location close to Tokyo and by the ocean, Yokohama is home to many leading tech companies and the heart of the export and import sector in Japan. Whether it’s entry-level, mid-career, to senior-level jobs, there is undeniably a large pool of vacancies in Yokohama. Ultimately, it all comes down to assessing your interest and strong areas. Japanese proficiency, professional experience, and education degree are the main deciding factors in more guides to nailing that dream job in Japan.


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