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Did you know there are more than 30 jobs boards in Japan?

BFF Tokyo covers everything you need to know about what jobs are available for foreigners, where to find them, and how to get them.

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You've come to the right place for job advice. Our chief editor, Tyson Batino, worked as a trainer and assistant HR Manager at a large Japanese corporation and created his own English school with more than 100 teachers and 9 schools.

Step 1 : Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

There are a lot more jobs out there than you know in Japan

full-time jobs in Tokyo

Guide to Full-Time Jobs in Japan

Our guide to full-time jobs for foreigners in Tokyo. Japanese not necessary.

Man speaking to Japanese co-workers

Guide to Part-Time Jobs in Japan

Our guide to the more than 22 part-time jobs available for foreigners in Tokyo

programmer in japan taking on project

Guide to Online Jobs in Japan

There are some online jobs in Japan for foreigners but mainly part-time work.

Airplane arriving in Japan

Guide to Visas in Japan

Ultimate guide to finding a visa to Japan. We cover many different visa types.

Internship in Tokyo - 500x333

Guide to Internships in Tokyo

There are many internships in Tokyo. Finding the right one is hard.

freelance recruiter headhunting for candidates for job in japan

Guide to Freelancing in Japan

Learn how to succeed as a freelancer by getting good clients and the right mindset

non-native english teacher in class

Guide to English Teaching in Japan

Our guide to English Teaching in Japan. Everything thing you need to know is here.


job interview for sales job in japan

Guide to Sales Jobs in Japan

Our ultimate guide to sales jobs in Japan with all you need to know in order to enter this world.

foreigner receptionist in hotel in japan

Guide to Hotel Jobs in Japan

Our ultimate guide to hotel jobs in Japan fo foreigners.



IT jobs in Japan

Guide to IT Jobs in Japan

Our guide to sales jobs in Japan: all you need to know.


recruiter looking at resume for job-specific skills in japan

Guide to Recruiter Jobs in Japan

Our guide to recruiter jobs in Japan. A complete description of the HR world.

freelance translator job in japan

Guide to Translation Jobs in Japan

Our guide to translation jobs in Japan for foreigners.

marketing enthusiast giving speech in japan

Guide to Marketing Jobs in Japan

Our guide to marketing jobs in Japan for foreigners.

nurses working in japan

Guide to Nursing Jobs in Japan

Our ultimate guide to nursing jobs in Japan: all you must know.

Step 2 : Where to Look for a Job

There are a lot more options for finding a job than with a simple google search.

Lady holding a hire me sign

Guide to Job Boards in Japan

There are many jobs out there in Tokyo if you know where to look.

Large job fair in Japan

Guide to Job Fairs in Japan

Ready to show what you got. Go hit up the job fairs in Tokyo and around Japan.


Guide to Recruiters in Japan

A recruiter can help you find the right job. You need to find the right recruiter first.

Step3 : Getting Your First Job in Japan

Is your resume up to standard? Have you written a cover letter? How will you handle the interview?


Here's information you need to make the best impression.

marketer working at home in japan

Guide to Cover Letters and Resumes

Found your dream job? Now is time to reach out to them and get the interview.

Interview with a Japanese woman

Guide to Interviews in Japan

Found a potential place to work for above? Now is time to get the job.

Woman studying for Japanese private lessons

Guide to Post Interview Process

Did well on the interview? It does not end there. You have to reach out again.

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Learn Japanese in Tokyo

Affordable online and offline Japanese lessons in Tokyo for English speakers.

In addition to providing awesome articles on how to learn Japanese, we also offer affordable morning lessons in Tokyo.

The BFF Tokyo Guide To Jobs in Tokyo

There are 3 things that affects whether most foreigners stay in Japan long-term or not, and these are friendships with foreigners and Japanese, good job and career advancement, and a good apartment and living situation. Having a bad situation in two of these areas may lead a talented foreigner to leave Japan prematurely. has been our passion project to help foreigners with and without Japanese language skills to find their first job in Japan and make the right decision on their first try. Most foreigners come with the attitude of I need to get a visa so I will accept the first job that offers me one. This strategy can both hurt yourself and the employer who is taking the financial risk and investment of time to bring you onto their team.

I am definitely not defending companies that do not treat their foreign employees well, and sometimes a foreigner may not have an option other than the black company, but our goal is as much as possible to find win-win situations between companies in Japan and potential foreign employees who want to work in Tokyo.

Our guides on finding a job in Tokyo focuses on three elements. One finding a job that matches your education, skills, and visa situation with articles on full-time jobs, part-time jobs, teaching jobs in Tokyo, and more. Second how to get hired once you find the position that is a match for you. Third, you may need to change positions in the future for career advancement or a higher salary or learn how to stand out from your co-workers. During this time you may need to use recruiters to give you a head start.

These guides will cover your career as a foreigner in Japan and we look forward to seeing the contribution you provide to the Japanese economy and work culture.