Did you know there are more than 30 jobs boards in Tokyo?

BFF Tokyo covers everything you need to know about what jobs are available for foreigners, where to find jobs, who's hiring, and how to get the job.

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Panel of HR Managers Looking at You

HR Manager for 8 Years

You've come to the right place for job advice. Our chief editor, Tyson Batino, worked as a trainer and assistant HR Manager at a large Japanese corporation and created his own English school with more than 100 teachers and 9 schools. The advice here applies to all jobs in Japan.

Step 1 : Finding Your First Job in Japan

There are a lot more jobs out there than you know.

full-time jobs in Tokyo

Guide to Full-Time Jobs for Foreigners

Our guide to full-time jobs for foreigners in Tokyo. Japanese not necessary.

Man speaking to Japanese co-workers

Guide to Part-Time Jobs for Foreigners

Our guide to the more than 22 part-time jobs available for foreigners in Tokyo

High School English Teacher Talking to Class

Guide to Teaching Jobs in Tokyo

Our guide to teaching jobs in Japan. Everything thing you need to know is here.

Lady holding a hire me sign

Guide to Job Boards in Japan

There are many jobs out there in Tokyo if you know where to look.

Large job fair in Japan

Guide to Job Fairs in Japan

Ready to show what you got. Go hit up the job fairs in Tokyo and around Japan.

Airplane arriving in Japan

Guide to Visas to Live in Japan

Ultimate guide to finding a visa to Japan. We cover many different visa types.

Step 2 : Getting Your First Job in Japan

Is your resume up to standard? Have you written a cover letter? How will you handle the interview?

Here's information you need to make the best impression.


Guide to Cover Letters and Resumes

Found your dream job? Now is time to reach out to them and get the interview.

Interview with a Japanese woman

Guide to Interviews in Japan

Found a potential place to work for above? Now is time to get the job.

Woman studying for Japanese private lessons

Guide to Post Interview Process

Did well on the interview? It does not end there. You have to reach out again.

Step 3 : Building a Career in Japan

Thinking about living in Japan long-term and want to start building a career? Here are some guides on taking the next step.

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In addition to creating awesome content on BFF Tokyo. We run a language center with more than 200 students.

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