25 Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo for Foreigners

Author : Tyson Batino | Updated 12/29/2020

Part-time Tokyo

This article is a subsection of our ultimate guide to jobs in japan as a foreigner. Everything you will ever need to know about jobs like full-time, online, freelancer, etc. can be found there.

There are many perks that come from living in Tokyo that you won't find anywhere else. For a start, there is a selection of entertainment and events in Tokyo, from chilling at the Yoyogi Park to Go-karting around the Shinjuku neighborhood dressed as your favorite Mario character.

However, that's not the only redeeming qualities Tokyo has. As the beating heart of Japan, the city is in dire need of anyone who can support businesses and activities. Because of the population decline, most places in Tokyo has grown to be inclusive in hiring non-Japanese for part-time positions, and with over 500,000 foreigners already residing in the city, it is less likely for you to feel out of place. With competitive pay, more job opportunities, and a welcoming community, Tokyo is the perfect place for students or anyone looking to gain job experience in the midst of their busy schedules. 

Finding a part-time job in Tokyo can be a challenge. That's why we created a whole list of places that offer part-time work for people like you! Never fear, we'll cover the most common part-time jobs in Tokyo.

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    Part-time Jobs in Tokyo with Basic or No Japanese

    Part-time kitchen Tokyo

    1. Kitchen Staff Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

    For dining out, Tokyo has tons of options. From traditional ramen or udon to Japanese BBQ to modern chains, you can find something delicious to eat. Many restaurants are searching for employees who can support kitchen duties, and what better way to interact with the local people than to work with them? Kitchen staff positions are among the most common part-time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners because it only requires basic Japanese proficiency, so it is a great place to start for anyone who has just learned the language. There are also many restaurants in Tokyo, so finding an open position is never that difficult. 

    In Tokyo, there are also options for professional cooking positions, but you do need some prior experience in the food industry. Do note that depending on the restaurant, Japanese proficiency may be required. This opportunity will give you the chance to learn and grow as a professional food service engineer! 

    The restaurants listed below are the ones that do hire foreign staff. They may even have many customers who are foreigners, so you won't feel so far from home. Keep in mind that some workplaces require a Japanese resume (rirekisho). Regardless of your position, they will also conduct the interview in Japanese, so you should still have a good grasp on how to write and speak basic Japanese.

    Typical Salary: ¥1000 - ¥1100 an hour

    Job Boards

    Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

    *Ads are in Japanese.

      Courier and driver part-time jobs

      2. Fast Food Delivery Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

      Everyone knows that fast food delivery is a growing business worldwide. Many restaurants are providing their foods through different delivery apps; with the growth of technology, you can easily order and get the food in less than 30 mins. Due to the pandemic, more people have opted to use delivery service instead of visiting the restaurant in-person, so it has recently become even more popular, 

      Fast food delivery can be a good option as a part-time job in Tokyo for individuals who prefer to stay active and travel around. Fast food companies receive many orders and can have a staff shortage; this is where you come in. For this job, vehicles are usually provided by the company, but you obviously need a driver's license. If this is not feasible for you, companies like Uber Eats hire drivers with bicycles. The great thing about being an Uber Driver is that the working hour is very flexible, and during lunch and dinner hours, you can get twice as much as the usual hourly wage! Remember that tipping in Japan is considered very rude.

      Typical Salary: ¥1000- ¥1200 an hour

      Link to Job Boards

      Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 


        Part Time Job in Tokyo at OCE
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        Teach English Part-Time at One Coin English

        In addition to awesome articles, we also run an English school with more than 100 teachers and 7000 students in 10 locations in Tokyo.

        Tokoy part-time jobs

        3. Hotel Cleaning Staff Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

        Many hotels in Tokyo are looking for foreigners, and there are usually two job types available: front desk clerk and cleaning staff. To be a front desk clerk, you have to at least hold Business-level Japanese proficiency, and because many luxurious hotels welcome tourists from different countries, they also prefer those who can speak Chinese, Korean, or English. However, if you are still not confident in your Japanese ability or just want to have a taste of the Japanese working industry, then applying as one of the cleaning staff is the perfect position for you!

        Some of the hotels offer stylish and luxury rooms that make you want to stay there the whole day—imagine working at the Hilton or the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo or at a grand Japanese hotel.

        Although not based in Tokyo, Niseko has an absolutely amazing snowy view. They hire a ton of people on working holiday visas to work upon the slopes and hospitality during the winter season. If you still have time on your visa, you could also head down to Okinawa to staff the resorts during the hectic summer seasons. 

        Part-time jobs in Tokyo at a hotel can result in visa sponsorship, and they do hire full-time as well. Often, they want to test out new employees on part-time before making a bigger offer. If you are interested in the hospitality sector, read our full guide to hotel jobs in Japan. Here you will find a list of hotels that hire also part-time workers.

         Typical Salary: ¥1000 - ¥1200 an hour

        Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

        *Ads are in Japanese

          part-time job tokyo

          4. Go Kart Driver Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

          The first fun part-time job in Tokyo is a Go-Kart tour guide. While traveling around Tokyo, you may have seen the tiny cars from Mario Kart zooming by with drivers in cosplay as characters from the popular game. As a Go-kart guide, you will learn Tokyo in and out, and you're probably not required to use much Japanese. The position requires an international driver's license or a license from one of the following countries (with a Japanese Translation by an authorized organization): Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco

          Typical Salary: ¥960-¥1,100 an hour 

          They do not have a career or recruiting page on their website, but they have been known to post go-kart positions on GaijinPot.

            Part-time jobs tokyo

            5. Sorting and Packing Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

            There are many packing and sorting facilities that are open to hiring foreigners and students in Tokyo. The tasks for this role include inspection of goods and sealing them into packages. Depending on the type of company that you work with, the products are often either food, purchased items, and clothing. 

            Working in this type of industry might not be the best way to improve your Japanese, but there is a great demand in the workforce. You will find that many companies are generous in their hourly wages, so it is definitely the perfect part-time job for anyone looking for quick and easy cash.

            Typical Salary: ¥1,100-¥1,200 an hour 

            Link to Job Boards:

            Link to Part-time Jobs Near You

            Eikawa cafe host in Tokyo

            6. English Teacher for Adults Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

            English has become an essential language to know; even if you do not know the language of the country you're visiting, you can always find part-time jobs in Tokyo teaching English. While children require the largest number of teachers, many adults want classes as well. If working with children isn't your preference, you can make decent money teaching those out of school.

            Depending on the language school, the employment requirements vary. Some language schools require you to have certificates, such as TESOL or TEFL. The TEFL test shows proof that you have good English skills and is recognized by many institutions, while TESOL shows proof that a person is a good English teacher. Some institutions may require relevant experience in teaching, especially teaching English as a foreign language. 

            But at some schools, like One Coin English, certificates and years of experience may not be necessary. OCE will test your English by asking you to write a paragraph over a topic you're interested in, and then they will have a Skype interview with you. The next step is a demo lesson, where you are joined by one or two recruiters and possibly a Japanese staff member. The final step would be an interview with the teacher manager. The recruitment process is four stages because OCE really wants to give candidates the chance to use their skills and help students improve their English language skills.

            Typical Salary:  ¥1,000-¥2000 per lesson

            Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 


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            7. English Teacher for Children Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

            Although many foreigners are tired of being limited to English-teaching positions for part-time work, the high demand and nice hourly wages mean you sometimes have to go where the money is.

            The king of all part-time jobs in Tokyo is teaching children. This is probably the most common job that university and Japanese language students find themselves doing after coming to Japan. Aside from the pay, the great part about being a part-time English teacher is working with children that grow to look up to you and getting to do fun lessons! There are quite a few things you'll want to keep in mind when looking for a job teaching children.

            Ask questions about the curriculum during the interview

            Some children's English schools and Kindergartens will have a curriculum in place,  which they expect you to follow, and have a clear methodology of teaching. There are also places that have no teaching materials whatsoever, relying on their (often) inexperienced but passionate foreign teachers to come in with their own material.

            Some teachers can handle the workload and even enjoy the freedom of making their own lessons. Just keep in mind that the preparation of these materials will likely come from time taken at home, so you'll be doing a lot of work off the clock. These local schools normally believe that by paying a nice hourly rate, they do not need to shoulder the burden of creating or buying a curriculum.

            Other points to mention

            Don't forget to ask about dress codes, lesson preparation, curriculum, and what training they will or will not provide. There are some children's schools that have structure and are well-run operations, but more often than not they're just good at gathering students. The larger the operation, the more guidance they will have built into their system. However, that's a double-edged sword: the more support they provide, the lower the pay will be. You have to weigh these factors when considering teaching children part-time in Tokyo.

            Job Boards

            I personally recommend going with Jobs in Japan. If a school is willing to pay money for a job ad, it usually means that they have a set system in place and want quality teachers. You can also find many foreign-owned job postings there.

            Ohayo Sensei provides free job boards, and many of the posters are foreigners who own their own language school.

            Eikawa Conversatin partner Shinjuku

            8. Chat Host for English Cafe Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

            Most Japanese people learn English at a young age and can read and write to some degree. Spoken English, however, is an area that the Japanese education system falls behind in. Various options have opened up to fill this gap in the Japanese education system, mainly Eikaiwas and English cafes. English cafes have been growing in popularity around Tokyo for some time and are a great option for locals looking to brush up on speaking English. There are some foreigners who swear it's the go-to part-time job in Tokyo, while others prefer positions that are faster-paced. 

            For those who don't know, English cafes are staffed with English speakers (Hosts) that facilitate English conversation for the customers that visit. There are also companies that have agreements with restaurants and cafes to borrow space for use as cafes in different areas of Tokyo.

            The Host's role is that of a conversation facilitator. Their responsibilities would be introducing fun and engaging topics for the patrons and keeping the conversation flowing smoothly. Unlike an English teaching or Eikaiwa position,  you do not have to conduct classes or teach anything as the focus is just practicing conversation. One of the biggest perks of working as a chat host is flexibility and how laid back it is. In terms of scheduling, most places are quite lax about the days that you work per week and taking time off. In addition to all that you will be getting coffees and (non-alcoholic) drinks on the job for a discounted price.

            That being said, with all the good that comes with working at English cafes there are some downsides. The biggest one being that unlike Eikaiwas and other English teaching positions, there is usually no limit to how long a customer can stay at your table/join in on the conversation. Having the same customer for 5 hours straight can be downright exhausting (How many people do you know you could speak to continuously for that long?!) and English Cafes rarely have limits on how long a student can stay in the group.

            Regarding the salary, it does tend to be lower than Eikaiwas. Most English Cafes are on a reservation-based system as well, so with cafes that aren't as busy or are overstaffed, the pay can be a bit inconsistent.  

            For the English cafe companies that rent spaces, you will also be traveling to many different locations which can be nice at first but tends to get exhausting after a few months.

            In the end though, if you want a laid-back option for part-time jobs in Tokyo, English Cafes are a choice to definitely consider!

            Typical Salary: ¥1,000-¥1,300 an hour

            Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

            There are also a few cafes that offer languages aside from English. Mickey House offers other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Portuguese.

            Part-time Jobs in Tokyo with Conversational Japanese

            konbini jobs in Tokyo

            9. Convenience Store Clerk Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

            In Japan, convenience stores are everywhere. Chain stores like Lawson have a 24/7 service, which means you can have a flexible schedule. Just bear in mind that most convenience stores require you to have a good knowledge of Japanese. 

            The good news is that they do hire foreigners, but to be able to provide a high-quality service to customers, you need to be able to understand and solve their queries. 

            Typical Salary: ¥1000 - ¥1300 an hour

            Link to Job Boards

            Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

            part-time jobs tokyo

            10. Server/Hall Staff Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

            Generally, restaurants that are looking for kitchen staff will also be looking for servers or hall staff. Applicants can select which position they prefer, but employers tend to accept those who wanted to become a waiter/waitress if they have enough Japanese skills to qualify. This is because servers communicate directly with customers, and while Tokyo is becoming more and more foreign-friendly, those who dine and eat will still be dominantly Japanese.

            Becoming a server doesn't just mean giving food to customers. Your tasks will include setting the tables, guiding guests to their seats, cleaning the restaurant, and occasionally washing the dishes. Sometimes, customers will call for a certain inquiry, so you have to be confident enough with your Japanese to be able to tend to them! 

            Typical Salary: ¥1100 - ¥1400 an hour

            Job Boards

            Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

            cafe part-time in coffee shops

            11. Themed Restaurants Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

            One of the most unique types of business in Japan is the themed restaurants. These are really popular, so expect to see lots of customers if you choose to work there. You can work in a ninja-themed restaurant or a butler cafe.

            Working part-time jobs at a themed restaurant in Tokyo is an interesting option if you want to have an adventure. New restaurants with different themes do come and go, so pick a cafe that has some longevity before you apply.

            This job will stand out on your resume, so don't be scared: apply now!

            Typical Salary: ¥1100-¥1300 an hour

            Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

              legoland part-time job

              12. Legoland Playmaker Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

              Do you remember those awesomely designed plastic blocks from your childhood? Did you know that they originated in Denmark? 

              The next part-time job in Tokyo we're going to feature is a Lego Land Discover Center Playmaker. The Lego Land Japan team hires foreigners to work in the Japan Resort theme park in Nagoya and the Lego Discovery Centers in Osaka and Tokyo.

              The typical Salary has not been disclosed. A previous job ad they posted online says the hourly rate is around ¥1300, so it doesn't pay as much as teaching children English. However, all your customers want to be there instead of being "encouraged" by parents to attend.

              You can apply directly at the Legoland Japan page for these part-time jobs in Tokyo.

                  jobs in tokyo

                  13. Bars Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                  In many countries, working at a bar is common, and Tokyo is no different. In the bar, you can observe the customers, chat with the people there, and meet newcomers every time. This is the perfect job for anyone who enjoys being in a loud and fast-paced environment.

                  Working in a bar is normal for students trying to make some extra cash. It's generally after class hours and flexible to schedule shifts. Please bear in mind that working as a bartender in a host or hostess club or any other red light district businesses is not allowed for those on a student visa or working holiday visa.

                  There are a decent amount of part-time bar staff jobs in Tokyo, but you may have to go old school and check the weekly and monthly free English magazines like Metropolis and Tokyo Time Out.

                  There are many foreign-owned bars scattered around Tokyo, and here are somewhere I have definitely seen foreigners working. Some of these businesses have been cracking down on smoking; if you do not like the smell of smoke, make sure to confirm with the bar before signing on. Since tips are not socially acceptable in Japan, the amount listed in the job ad is the amount you'll take home at the end of the day.

                  The good news is that you'll hardly ever experience fights, and you'll see less of the ridiculousness that can happen when people get trashed. This is definitely one of the more fun of the part-time jobs in Tokyo.

                  Typical Salary: ¥1100 - ¥1300 an hour (Ginza and Roppongi Areas offer up to 2000, especially if you're female)

                  Job Boards

                  Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

                        14. Juice Bars Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                        Juice bars are trending in Tokyo right now, so squeeze on in. These hot spots span the refreshment range from serving standard juices and smoothies to specializing in organic and vegan-friendly drink concoctions. Even the JR company runs its own juice bar, which you can find serving affordable juices in the train stations of Tokyo. Although the railway may not be hiring someone without Japanese skills, we have found several places that do hire foreigners or have an English career page.

                        Most of the smaller, locally-owned juice bars have a strong mission and commitment to a healthy, connected life, and some may offer nice perks for someone like you. You'll also have access to some hard-to-find vegetables and fruits that will sweeten up your day. Go ahead and start juicing it up with this smooth part-time job in Tokyo!

                        Typical Salary: ¥950-¥1100 an hour

                        Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

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                                Part-time Jobs in Tokyo with Business Japanese

                                Part time cafe staff Shinjuku Tokyo

                                15. Cafe/Barista Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                                A very common part-time job in Tokyo for Japanese, but perhaps not for foreigners, is working at a coffee shop. Here, you can serve customers,  learn how to make delicious coffees, and be a kind welcoming staff. Other duties include cleaning the store, washing dishes, and operating the till.

                                Some coffee shops might ask you for one year's barista experience, but most will train you after you've been there a while. And you can benefit from employee discounts like getting free coffee,  food discounts, and even transportation expenses. Doesn't that sound great?

                                Typical Salary:

                                ¥990-¥1200 an hour

                                Links to Part-time Jobs Near You 

                                Does anyone know if Starbucks provides part-time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners? I have only seen Korean staff who spoke great Japanese, but I have yet to meet a foreigner. Let us know on Facebook if you have discovered the illustrious unicorn of a foreign Starbucks worker.

                                Apparel retail jobs in Tokyo

                                16. Retail/Apparel Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                                Retail stores everywhere are a busy environment where the cashier interacts with customers and gives great service to everyone. In Tokyo, you can find retail jobs in any electronic, clothes, or drug store. It's also helpful knowing another language; since you fit the criteria, why don't you apply for this part-time job in Tokyo?

                                You can also search for full-time positions at Uniqlo, H&M, and Gap. Jobs can be in both headquarters and store roles. You can also find contract employment, so you've got lots of choices.

                                Typical Salary: ¥1000- ¥1200 an hour

                                Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

                                  jobs tokyo

                                  17. Front Desk Hotel Staff Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                                  While there are different types of jobs in the hotel industry, available part-time positions are usually cleaning and front desk staff. Keep in mind that front desk staff demands a higher level of Japanese proficiency compared to other part-time positions. This is because desk staffs are responsible for registering guests and managing reservations. 

                                  In Japan, the concept of omotenashi is deeply incorporated into customer services. In bigger and well-established hotels, managers will want employees with good work ethics and manner. However, working as a hotel staff is a great way to familiarize yourself with a more professional environment and might even open the opportunity of a new career path for you! 

                                  Typical Salary: ¥1000- ¥1200 an hour

                                  Links to Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo Near You 

                                    japanese translator

                                    18. Interpreter and Translator Jobs in Tokyo

                                    If you know Japanese and English at the business level and can quickly switch between them, then becoming an interpreter or translator won't be difficult for you. An interpreter translates spoken conversation, and a translator converts a given text into other languages. This is a great side gig for bilinguals out there as the job has competitive pay and flexible working conditions. Being a translator can also be an online job in Japan as you aren't necessarily required to meet one-on-one with your clients. 

                                    As an interpreter, you'll translate what both parties are saying and facilitate comprehension. Both the Japanese enterprise and foreign enterprise should understand each other, and you ensure the conversation goes smoothly. Many companies are planning to expand their office and market in and outside of Japan, so you will find many opportunities for interpretation and translation jobs

                                    Typical Salary: ¥1,500-¥3,100 an hour

                                    Requirements: Valid visa and N2 Japanese 


                                    Online Japanese Lesson

                                    Affordable Online and Offline Morning Lessons in Tokyo

                                    In addition to providing great content at BFF Tokyo, we also provide good and affordable Japanese lessons.

                                    BFF discount no date
                                    • Affordable Japanese Lessons
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                                    Flexible Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                                    Tokyo part time nanny

                                    19. Nanny/Babysitter Jobs in Tokyo

                                    If you enjoy looking after kids, then this is the perfect job for you! Why don't you make your part-time job in Tokyo fun by taking care of kids? The perks of this job are that you'll have flexible working times and you'll be matched with a family situated close to your accommodation, so you don't have to travel too far.

                                    Upload your resume and include your nationality, the primary language you speak, your nearest station, and when you're going to leave Japan. Please note that you should be available to work at least twice per week for half a year. Set your availability, and the company will try its best to put you with a family. CareFinder, an online company, gives potential nannies more freedom to select what age group you want to look after, what languages you want/need them to speak, and the hourly rate that you are interested in. If you're still unsure, you can go read a blog post about the experience of a nanny in Tokyo!

                                    Typical Salary varies and is sometimes negotiable but hourly rate usually is between ¥1000-¥4000 an hour

                                    Link to Job Boards

                                    Link to Nanny/Babysitter Position in Tokyo

                                      wedding part-time job

                                      20. Wedding Celebrant Jobs in Tokyo

                                      This might be a part-time job in Tokyo that you never thought actually exists! Think of the chapels in Las Vegas or Reno, where a person in costume officiates the wedding ceremony. All that legally matters is their ability to sign off on the paperwork, not their actual religion or belief system.

                                      Being a "fake" wedding priest requires you to know basic Japanese, and you don't need to be licensed. Couples prefer to have male Caucasians and men of color for this particular job. You'll be given the clothing by the agency that hired you and a script to use. All you need to do is attend the weddings on the weekends at the designated chapel. The number of weddings depends on how many weddings get scheduled. You can play as the priest for about 45 mins to an hour and a half. 

                                      The best search term is "wedding celebrant" for this part-time job in Tokyo.

                                      Typical Salary:  ¥15000-¥20000 for each wedding 

                                      Links to Wedding Celebrant Positions

                                        21. Model Jobs in Tokyo

                                        A job that you might not expect to do part time in Tokyo is Modeling. There are many Japanese companies who create advertisements using non-Japanese models to promote their products.

                                        The pay can be very high if you find the right position, but you have to do your research carefully. I have heard of positions that don't pay for makeup or expect you to apply your makeup without reimbursement for that time. You may also have a lot of idle unpaid time. While ¥10,000 sounds amazing, it starts to lose its appeal after ten hours!

                                        The modeling agencies might be able to get you a TV gig as well. To be honest, I only see around four or five westerners on TV regularly, so making a living doing TV gigs is not something I would recommend to my little brother.

                                        Typical Salary: Varies (Magazine work can earn up to ¥10,000 - ¥20,000 per shoot)

                                        Links to Modelling Positions in Tokyo 

                                        part-time job

                                        22. Event Staff Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                                        The event staff job requires the candidate to prepare for the event and make sure that the venue is ready. This involves making sure that there are enough chairs and tables, doing extra checks on lighting and audio/video, and being sure that the stage is prepared and safe. You might also be required to carry equipment into the venue and then packing it all up.

                                        The main priority for the event is to be safe and also make the time fun for everyone. You will also have to serve food and drinks and give good customer service. The particular event will determine how much Japanese you'll need to know.

                                        Typical Salary:

                                        ¥900-¥1000 an hour

                                        Job Boards

                                        Link to Event Staff Positions 

                                          freelance writer jobs

                                          23. Freelance Writer Jobs in Tokyo

                                          With the influx of foreign tourists and an ever-increasing amount of foreign residents, the need for English and other languages digital content is increasing. Many travel sites offer low rates but provide a paid entry into the world of freelance writing. After developing some experience, you could then start to approach some of the local magazines and publications for more freelance writing work. You may need another part-time job in Tokyo to get you started, but this is another great option. Some has even given up their full-time job to be a Japan-based travel writer

                                          Typical Salary: undisclosed 

                                          Companies for Freelance Writers

                                              Travel guide

                                              24. Travel Guide Jobs in Tokyo

                                              Being a travel guide means you will have the chance to show groups of people around some amazing sights. You'll guide them around Tokyo and give them insights of the best locations and food. You really need to know your way around Tokyo for this job.

                                              There are freelance travel guides that know a lot of information about Japan and how to get around. It's a good idea to observe a tour guide in action and then decide whether you will like the job. Here are some websites of freelance travel guides: 

                                              Typical Salary:  Varies a lot 

                                              Links to Travel Guide Positions

                                                    food guide japan

                                                    25. Food Guide Jobs in Tokyo

                                                    In Japan, you can also go on food tours and be the person in charge. The meeting point can be anywhere in Tokyo, and your role will be to show special foods that might be hard for tourists to locate by themselves. This gives you a chance to help them discover new foods, try something they haven't already in Japan, or sample a special city dish. You can lead specific food tours, like Mount Fuji Food tour or Kyoto Sake Brewery tour.

                                                    Companies like Arigato Japan do a great job of putting together food tours, so if you want to be a food tour guide, send over your resume. 

                                                    Typical Salary: ¥900-¥1000 an hour 

                                                    Links to Food Travel Guide Positions

                                                    With Arigato, you can be a food tour guide or you have the chance to be a social media intern, WordPress intern, or freelance content writer so you are not limited to just being a tour guide which is a great opportunity. 

                                                            Random Jobs in Tokyo

                                                            There are some random gigs you can do in Tokyo. Most of these are one-time things and you are done. Since they do not provide enough income to support your stay in Japan we have listed them here.

                                                            Paid Survey and Focus Groups

                                                            There are several companies that conduct paid surveys for large companies. These surveys can pay from 500 yen up to 10,000 yen depending on the number of questions, online or in-person, and the rarity of the person they want to survey.

                                                            For example, the one that paid 10,000 yen wanted a person to come in-person and had to be an Australian male in Tokyo. 

                                                            The following two companies are the most well-known and tend to do the most surveys. They handle both online and offline surveys.

                                                            In order to have a more complete view of the job market in Japan, I recommend you to integrate this part-time jobs guide with our full-time jobs guide for foreigners.


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                                                            Prohibited Tokyo

                                                            Risky Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                                                            Tokyo is considered the safest city in the world, but that doesn't mean risks and dangers are non-existent. If you are someone who is in desperate need to find some quick, you may be tempted to take some of these side-jobs. However, despite the impressive pay, you will likely encounter issues with these jobs, be it legal or personal. They should never be your top choice when it comes to searching for part-time jobs in Tokyo. 

                                                            Clinical Trial Jobs in Tokyo

                                                            Obviously, we do not recommend doing a clinical trial as a test subject and you are responsible for what happens if you chose this route. However, pharmaceutical companies are looking for trials on foreigners in Japan. Here are several sources to consider in your search.

                                                            Based on what we read on the internet, some of the companies doing trials will pay you a small fee for a screening session which is essentially a health check and information seminar on the trial.

                                                            The most common subject seems to be Caucasians because they would like to market the drug on Western markets, but they also have trials for non-Caucasians as well.

                                                            Please be very cautious because the money is good, but you really need to do your research to protect yourself.

                                                            Website for Clinical Trials

                                                            • Clinical Trials Tokyo: Their website seems out of date, but based on what we read on Reddit if you join their newsletter, they will send you opportunities that pop up throughout the year.
                                                            • Medical Volunteer Network
                                                            • Clinical Trials Japan: This website is the motherload of clinical trials and their website covers everything going on in Japan. The site is frequently updated as well.

                                                              Mystery Shopper

                                                              A mystery shopper is paid by brands to go shopping in their shop and give feedback later on their experience with the staff, the shop, and anything else that can help them improve the customer experience for future customers. I have heard of some shady middle-man companies and people not getting paid so we will avoid adding any links here. My best advice would be to avoid ones that are looking for people on Facebook and only go to those with a really nice website or other factors that signal credibility for you. 

                                                                Escort/Hostess Job

                                                                This particular job dominantly targets non-Japanese women, and with an impressive hourly wage of at least 2,500 yen an hour, many college students might be tempted to apply. You can find many similar job ads on Craigslist. The most notable one would be the escort positions or services, where your job would be to accompany the client to restaurants or dinner dates. They would also suggest that you are free to take any gifts from the client or pursue the relationship further. 

                                                                The main reason why being an escort or hostess is that these jobs are strictly prohibited by the Japanese government. Japan does not allow foreign students to engage in activities related to the adult entertainment industry such as hostess clubs, night clubs, and escort services. Moreover, there is also little to no safety net if anything unfortunate ever happens, so you won't just be risking your visa status as a student (if you are one), but your personal safety as well. 

                                                                wage and salaries tokyo

                                                                Wage System and Salaries in Tokyo

                                                                As of 2019, the minimum wage in Tokyo for part-time jobs is ¥1013. However, you might notice that most workplaces offer wages higher than the set rate. For example, working part-time at Shinjuku as a convenience clerk can offer a competitive salary of ¥1100 an hour than anywhere else in the Tokyo wards. 

                                                                Of course, different job industries, skills, and working hours, among many other things, are deciding factors in the hourly wages of a company. English teachers can make almost double the amount a floor staff makes during the day. Similarly, those who work on late night and early shifts will receive a higher salary. Night shifts at the konbini will increase the hourly rate by almost 25 percent. Ultimately, you will always face a certain trade-off when it comes to deciding which job is the perfect fit for you. 

                                                                Residence card Japan

                                                                Regulations and Limitations to Part-time Jobs in Japan

                                                                Working Permit and Working Hours

                                                                Many people hold the misconception that applying for a student visa means that they will also be automatically granted a working permit, but this isn't true. . If you are planning to work at one point during your stay in Japan, you must apply for a separate working permission. You will have to submit the application to the Immigration Bureau and show your passport. They will then place a working permit sticker on your passport and a stamp on the backside of your Residence Card. Once you get the working permit (free of charge!), it will remain valid regardless of how many times you change your job. 

                                                                Keep in mind that students are only allowed to work 28 hours a week during the school semester. Because your working hours will be recorded, you will have a harder time renewing your residence card if they found out that you consecutively work overtime—and that's only the best-case scenario. More often than not, the Immigration Bureau will reject your visa renewal application. However, during long winter and summer breaks, you can extend this up to 40 hours a day. 

                                                                Documents Needed for Part-time Jobs in Japan

                                                                A Valid Visa and Residence Card

                                                                This one is probably the most obvious, but there are some foreigners who either use fake residence card or does not own one at all. We can't stress enough the importance of getting a valid visa with a working permit in Japan. Employers will always make sure that candidates are legally staying in Japan before and when they hire them. 

                                                                Japanese Bank Account

                                                                Opening up a bank account is complicated but ultimately necessary. In most cases, salaries will be transferred directly to your bank account, so most workplaces require you to bring a copy of your bankbook. While there are a few jobs that hand out direct cash, you will only have limited options. The easiest option for foreigners is to make a prepaid card, but if you have lived in Japan for three years, you may find that debit cards are more convenient. Better yet, if you have settled longer in Japan, applying for a credit card can give you a bunch of perks and rewards!

                                                                Japanese Resume (Rirekisho)

                                                                Even after you submit an online application for a certain part-time position, chances are, you will need to make a Japanese resume. Traditional Japanese resume is different from the Western-style CVs, but because it is the norm, you will have to learn how to write one in Japanese. 

                                                                Prohibited Part-time Jobs in Japan

                                                                If you are a foreign student in Japan, you should know by now that you cannot, under any circumstances, engage in work that is related to the adult entertainment industry. This includes working at nightclubs, hostess bars, pachinko parlors, and escort services. Even when you have passed the legal age, working in either one of these places can seriously cause legal problems. This restriction doesn’t just mean that you cannot be a DJ or work as a hostess. You are also prohibited from working as a dish-washer or floor staff. 

                                                                part time jobs tokyo

                                                                Where to Find Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

                                                                Job Boards

                                                                There are many websites for part-time jobs that cater to foreigners, and you can filter them based on the type of jobs, location, and working conditions. 

                                                                The most popular job boards include:

                                                                Company Website

                                                                Perhaps you already have a specific restaurant or cafe you're interested in, but can't seem to find the position on any job websites. A great option (and perhaps the easiest!) is to search directly on the company's webpage to see if there are any current job openings. Big franchises like Starbucks, McDonalds, and Big Camera will often have a designated page for recruitments, and you can locate them at the bottom of the website. However, more often than not, you do have to switch to the Japanese website as the ads are only available in the language. 

                                                                Direct Inquiry

                                                                If you're feeling extra brave and bold, you can always visit your local konbini or ramen shop with your resume and ask if there are any part-time positions open. Of course, it is always better to call ahead or fill an online application, but this works well if you are already familiar with the owner. Some shops also have their part-time brochures, and because there are more places in Tokyo that are understaffed are more than they are overstaffed, there is always the probability that they are more than happy to set an interview date. 

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